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Area of Submission: San Gabriel Valley Tribune

School: South Hills High School (West Covina, CA)

 Could The Affordable Care Act Effect College Admissions?

Author: Kenneth D. Starbucks

I honestly have no idea where to begin with this one. Ever since Obamacare came into effect on January 1, 2014, it has been a real home wrecker for many people, and a savior to a few. But a rant on the system is not why you’re reading this, so let’s get to the point here. Students who wish to study out of state are screwed when it comes to health coverage.

The way the system works is that each state must regulate their own health insurance policies: California for California residents, New York for New York residents and so on and so forth. Because of this, companies and the state are able to subside it through taxes. So when a college aged student goes to apply and wishes to go out of state to a college, they have to do it on their own and through that state’s policies. And not being a taxpayer in that state because you’re a new student, your health care rates will be through the roof- even for a basic plan. It does not matter if your parents have health insurance through their job, it does not matter if they have health insurance through the state, and it does not matter if you have health insurance through any other means. It doesn’t matter at all. You have to get it separately from the state you’re in.

In the long run, this could severely hamper inter-state college admissions, which both students and colleges alike need to flourish. We won’t know the outcome of this until a later time, but for now, it looks like a problem that needs to be fixed.